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Fate-Seeker now on the DMs Guild!

The card-based spellcaster class, Fate-Seeker, is available on the DMs Guild. Take destiny on its horns and give your friends the necessary glimpses of the near future through the Deck of the Sixty. A...


Designer Notes on the Fate Seeker

The Fate-Seeker class can draw a multiple number of cards per day. Similar to Sorcery Points, the amount of these actions increases with the level. When a card is drawn, a d6 is rolled (or a corresponding card from a deck at the table, such as the Tarokka Deck) and the effect of the card can now be cast on a creature within 60 ft. The effect will last a number of rounds depending on the wisdom modifier. Drawing a card is an action.


Fate-Seeker — A new cardbased spellcaster for DnD 5e

As one of the first self-written classes we would like to introduce the Fate-Seeker.

Inspired by card-based magicians, the Fate-Seeker class for Dungeons and Dragons 5e offers a mixture of that card magic and playing with tarot cards.

On 11 pages we introduce you to a magically gifted class that can change the short-term fate of themselves and others with the Deck of Sixty.


Review of Shadow of the Demon Lord

If you’re up for a dark world like Warhammer’s, but prefer to roll d20 instead of d100 and want to be able to do something with your character, you might feel comfortable with the Demon Lord. The system is uncomplicated and the combinations of professions, talents and spells are gigantic.


Review of Tales from the Loop

Tales from the Loop is perfect for immersing yourself in a world and our past, which is a bit different. A world without magic, where our heroes are normal teenagers, is a very refreshing approach and makes it easier for both game masters and beginners to get started.


Vampire Soul Sorcerer | Publication on DMs Guild

Between the releases of the Plot-Hook and Points of Interest Encounters Tables, we also wanted to contribute a archetype for the sorcerer class: The Vampire Soul Sorcerer. Those natural talented casters born with a bloodline connected to the ancient children of the night are able to drain the blood out of their enemies.