Plot-Hook and Points of Interest Encounters on a Mountain | Publication on DMs Guild

After last weeks release of Plot-Hook and Points of Interest Encounters in a Desert this weeks publication is about encounters on a mountain.

Still, the idea behind those random tables is that the DM has tables leading to small stories and adventures. Alternatively, those encounters might lead to new adventures or offer a memorable addition to a long running campaign.

As a short glimpse of the table I want to share my favorite entry:

A mountain village is plagued by unexplainable earthquakes.

Possible Hook: The earthquakes are the wrath of an Earth Elemental [MM] who had an eye ripped out by a clueless miner who thought it was a gem.

Plot-Hook and Points of Interest Encounters on a Mountain is not the only project of us trying to help DMs to make a world feel livelier or make memorable moments with the role-playing group. Our range of encounter tables also includes ones for forests and deserts. The last table will be released next week and is about encounters in urban environments.

Please visit DMs Guild to check them out. The random encounter tables are Pay What You Want and it is your choice whether or not you want to acknowledge the work put into them. The royalties we are getting out of our projects are used to pay artists for their great work as we want to include their great artwork in our projects. Also please check out our other products on the DMs Guild!

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