The Abandoned Mage Tower — A Starting Adventure for The Shadow of the Demon Lord

Usually we write something for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, but we have as much fun with Shadow of the Demon Lord as you could read some time ago.

For the first issue of our Zine, Tales from Kerberos’ Den, I rewrote the Fate Seeker class as an expert path for Shadow of the Demon Lord. Without a great announcement, I translated the Fate Seeker and published that expert path on the community program of Shadow of the Demon Lord over at DriveThru’s.

Now a new starting adventure is following. In The Abandoned Mage Tower the players arrive at Leiden, a village in the duchy of Sonneburg where the dead are restless. Father Ferdinand Steinbach, an acolyte of the New God and spiritual leader of the village, asks them to have a look at the old Mage’s Tower after the first dead person was found near the tower. At night strange noises are heard coming from the tower and the old mage, Johann Straussler, is gone for several months and nobody knows when he will come back.

Johann Straussler’s Abandoned Mage Tower

Whats to find inside?

  • A five page long starting adventure to see who got the guts to be an adventurer
  • A short description of the village Leiden and its residents
  • Roleplaying opportunities to gather information about the old mage, rumors about Leiden and the duchy of Sonneburg
  • A straightforward and dungeon crawly mage tower with it’s mysteries
  • A map of the mage tower

Have fun with our first adventure for Shadow of the Demon Lord and find out what mysteries lie within the abandoned mage tower of Johann Straussler.

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