A hand-drawn world map | Publication on DMs Guild

To start off the numerous publications planned in the future, our first product of Pen Paper Dice will be released today on the DMs Guild.

The passion-project of my final years in college, I am happy to present the world map that I drew many years ago. The map is “Pay What You Want”, so you can get it for any price you think it is worth to you.

Hand-drawn Fantasy World Map

I made sure to leave the scaling of the map up to you. Hence, the scaling bar in the bottom right of the map is left blank. In my home-brew world, Azuria, the bar corresponds to 750 miles.

You can easily superimpose a hex-grid over the map to simplify measuring travel distances. Tutorials how to do so completely free can be found on YouTube.

Following the map, there will be releases of Plot-Hook and Points of Interest Encounters random tables throughout October. They can be used to fill sections of the map with life, or be used separately within your own world.

Sebastian is an enthusiastic player and dungeon master since 2013 and started his way into the depths of this hobby with the german system "The dark eye". Now his favorite systems are DnD 5e and Dungeon World. Besides roleplay his hobbies are tennis, table top (Age of Sigmar) and indie games on PC and Switch. The studied biologist has unending creative urges that he mainly satisfies with roleplaying but aswell with creative writing and altering minor projects.

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