Author: Sebastian Schulz


Summoner now on the DMs Guild!

The pact-caster class, Summoner, is available on the DMs Guild. Evolve your unique eidolon and summon epic monsters by the power of a mysterious connection. Ten new spells and 38 guided alterations for individualization...


Designer Notes on the Summoner

Since Pathfinder 3.5 The Summoner has been a favorite class amongst many tabletop rpg players including myself. This summoner has a trusty eidolon by their side, which is their main summons. The Summoner also is capable of summoning several additional monsters to help out in battle. I have seen a few attempts at reconstructing the old Pathfinder class in DnD 5e but the examples I saw tried to mirror the Pathfinder Summoner too closely. Hence, they were stuck with a class that doesn’t really conform to the usual, accepted rule framework of 5e.


The Summoner– An old classic revisited for DnD 5e

We are happy to announce another homebrewed class for Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition: The Summoner.

This classic character fights by summoning monsters to his side including his trusty eidolon.
On 14 pages we introduce you to a pact-caster class that can wield 10 unique spells and lets you customize your very own eidolon with 38 guided alterations, and 9 major evolutions for each of the three archetypes.