• Review of Midgard Worldbook

    Review of Midgard Worldbook

    Midgard comes around with some nice ideas and definitely hits the High Fantasy track of DnD 5e. Dark Fantasy is correct depending on your own assessment, as the Dark aspect sometimes shines through stronger and weaker. It is definitely a world of conflict and possible adventure. What would have helped Midgard a bit more would have been a clearer identity, which distinguishes itself a bit more from the generic setting and its many references to existing competing products and real world examples.

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  • When the Wolf Comes – Shadow of the Demonlord meets Vikings

    When the Wolf Comes – Shadow of the Demonlord meets Vikings

    With the Vikingverse, Ian Stuart Sharpe has raised the question, “What if the Vikings had won?” Ian Stuart Sharpe has written two novels about the Vikingverse, The All Father Paradox and Loki’s Wager, as...

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  • Review of the Norse DnD 5e Adventure “Freya’s Tears”

    Review of the Norse DnD 5e Adventure “Freya’s Tears”

    Dark Clouds are closing in, the soil has turned to rot, and the dead are rising as draugrs. Hel followers are building up their strength to invade Svilland on the sly. The land of the living is on the edge of demise. However, a warband of brave warriors discovers the threat and takes a stand against the followers of Hel in the name of Freya. Svillanders, it is up to you to save your land from the dead! […] The warband will start at a small village and end their adventure in the cold pits of Helheim; the land of the deadliest horrors. On the way, they will come across desecrated temples and cleanse them, play a part in political conflicts, visit many cities and towns of Svilland and travel through its dangerous wilderness. As such, Freya’s Tears is designed for players to experience the majesty of Svilland to the full.

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