Oak Pasture and ZineMonth 2022

In a very short time, Zine Month was launched and offered an alternative to ZineQuest on Kickstarter. With Oak Pasture, a zine for Mausritter, I was also involved. At the same time, it was my debut in the crowdfunding sector at the same time. The ambitious goal was not reached, but the way was paved for an expansion for the setting presented in the zine.

What’s Mausritter you ask?

It’s a cool, modern OSR style game and you can check out a more detailed post about it exactly on this blog.

What was the goal?

At its core, the goal was to raise money to commission a proofreading. Along the way, there were other goals, such as an expansion of the setting, a revision of the Garden of the Tower Queen.

Cover of the Oak Pasture Zine


In my opinion, the advantage of Itchfunding is, among other things, that a finished product could already be offered. The funding itself took place through sales of this product. Because of that you already get something directly and do not have to wait months for the release. In the case of Oak Pasture, a revised version – so to speak 1.1 – would have been uploaded and the buyers would have been informed.

All in all I’m quite happy with the result and I’m glad that some people are interested in the zine. So I’m really looking forward to the expansion of the region!

What’s next?

With this update, for every two copies of the zine purchased at full price, there is now a community copy on Itch. This will be updated irregularly depending on whether there have been new sales. If enough money has been raised for proofreading, I’d still like to look into getting that done. Otherwise I’m happy to receive hints on possible confusion or errors 🙂

This month there is also the Cairn “Forests of another Name” Game Jam. I plan to write at least one submission. I’m trying out different formats at the moment, so it might end up being a one page dungeon, possibly a pocket fold with a small setting. However, I’m not quite sure yet.

For the German speaking people the German version of Oak Pasture is already being worked on. As soon as this is finished and someone has already bought the English version, that person is welcome to contact me with their Itch name. They will receive the German version of the zine.
Otherwise I have some projects on the table that need to be worked off first. For this reason, I’m not only reducing my project scope (to e.g. a One Page Dungeon for the Cairn Jam 😉 ) but also probably returning to the Garden of the Tower Queen later this year. Except Matthew starts other Mausritter Jams, where you are practically obligated to participate ;-).

Otherwise check out the Mausritter Homepage for the 3rd party products of the other great people or the Zine Month Showcase and stay healthy!

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