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Review of Midgard Worldbook

Midgard comes around with some nice ideas and definitely hits the High Fantasy track of DnD 5e. Dark Fantasy is correct depending on your own assessment, as the Dark aspect sometimes shines through stronger and weaker. It is definitely a world of conflict and possible adventure. What would have helped Midgard a bit more would have been a clearer identity, which distinguishes itself a bit more from the generic setting and its many references to existing competing products and real world examples.


Review of the Norse DnD 5e Adventure “Freya’s Tears”

Dark Clouds are closing in, the soil has turned to rot, and the dead are rising as draugrs. Hel followers are building up their strength to invade Svilland on the sly. The land of the living is on the edge of demise. However, a warband of brave warriors discovers the threat and takes a stand against the followers of Hel in the name of Freya. Svillanders, it is up to you to save your land from the dead!

[…] The warband will start at a small village and end their adventure in the cold pits of Helheim; the land of the deadliest horrors. On the way, they will come across desecrated temples and cleanse them, play a part in political conflicts, visit many cities and towns of Svilland and travel through its dangerous wilderness. As such, Freya’s Tears is designed for players to experience the majesty of Svilland to the full.


Review of Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom

Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom tells the story, even in the book, through the core and major characters of the plot surrounding the summer curse that holds the land in its grip. Other characters are introduced in the individual locations.


Played: Descent into Avernus (DnD 5e)

Descent Into Avernus is a scavenger hunt in the true Railroad sense. It’s less about linear storytelling and more about chasing the story through dungeon crawls.


Played: Storm King’s Thunder (DnD 5e)

Queen Neri has been murdered and it looks like the small people are responsible. At the same time, Annam, the all-father of the giants, has broken the order of the giants. Every tribe and clan of the giants tries to get into the favour of the god of the giants through deeds and achievements.


Designer Notes on the Summoner

Since Pathfinder 3.5 The Summoner has been a favorite class amongst many tabletop rpg players including myself. This summoner has a trusty eidolon by their side, which is their main summons. The Summoner also is capable of summoning several additional monsters to help out in battle. I have seen a few attempts at reconstructing the old Pathfinder class in DnD 5e but the examples I saw tried to mirror the Pathfinder Summoner too closely. Hence, they were stuck with a class that doesn’t really conform to the usual, accepted rule framework of 5e.


Fate-Seeker now on the DMs Guild!

The card-based spellcaster class, Fate-Seeker, is available on the DMs Guild. Take destiny on its horns and give your friends the necessary glimpses of the near future through the Deck of the Sixty. A...


Designer Notes on the Fate Seeker

The Fate-Seeker class can draw a multiple number of cards per day. Similar to Sorcery Points, the amount of these actions increases with the level. When a card is drawn, a d6 is rolled (or a corresponding card from a deck at the table, such as the Tarokka Deck) and the effect of the card can now be cast on a creature within 60 ft. The effect will last a number of rounds depending on the wisdom modifier. Drawing a card is an action.


Fate-Seeker — A new cardbased spellcaster for DnD 5e

As one of the first self-written classes we would like to introduce the Fate-Seeker.

Inspired by card-based magicians, the Fate-Seeker class for Dungeons and Dragons 5e offers a mixture of that card magic and playing with tarot cards.

On 11 pages we introduce you to a magically gifted class that can change the short-term fate of themselves and others with the Deck of Sixty.