Fate-Seeker — A new cardbased spellcaster for DnD 5e

As one of the first self-written classes we would like to introduce the Fate- Seeker.

Inspired by card-based magicians, the Fate-Seeker class for Dungeons and Dragons 5e offers a mixture of that card magic and playing with tarot cards.

On 11 pages we introduce you to a magically gifted class that can change the short-term fate of themselves and others with the Deck of Sixty.

Overview of the mechanics

With the Deck of Sixty, a Fate-Seeker can draw one of six cards several times a day, providing various effects inside or outside of combat.

At higher levels, the ability to draw cards increases to such an extent that these magic cards can be further enhanced, kept for later use, or shuffled if the card drawn does not seem helpful.

After a life with a lucky hand and a little bit of magic tricks, it becomes necessary to learn a more consolidated knowledge of fate and magic ways. At the third level, a Fate-Seeker should visit a guild that can further deepen the talent for card reading and understanding of the thread of fate, the course of the stars and the universe.

The Library of Luna, the House of Sol and the Road of the Astrum are ideal for this. Each guild has an additional card that can be drawn. In the case of the Library of Luna, it is the High Priestess. In the case of the House of Sol it is the Sun and in the Road of the Astrum it is the Star.

Each of these cards, like the other cards, has an effect inside or outside of battle, as well as a reinforcement. The effects inside the battle can be compared to high level spells.

So what can you expect from the Fate-Seeker?

  • A new magic class on 11 pages
  • The drawing, shuffling, discarding and reinforcing of cards, whether from a deck at the table or via a dice roll, as a core mechanism besides casting spells
  • Three archetypes with the Library of Luna, the House of Sol and the Road of the Astrum and their unique major cards.
  • Nine new spells especially for the Fate-Seeker class

So be curious when we publish this class on the DMs Guild on 10.09.2020. In advance we will give a more concrete insight into some mechanics.

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