Vampire Soul Sorcerer | Publication on DMs Guild

Between the releases of the Plot-Hook and Points of Interest Encounters Tables, we also wanted to contribute an archetype for the creepy and spooky time of the year: The Vampire Soul Sorcerer. Those natural talented casters born with a bloodline connected to the ancient children of the night are able to drain the blood out of their enemies.

Whether you are playing in a Curse of Strahd campaign or just need a reason to play a sorcerer the next time, this new archetype allows not only to use spells per day to weave spells, but also the own blood!

Starting today the Vampire Soul Sorcerer is available. Check out the DMs Guild. The royalties we are getting out of our projects are used to pay artists for their great work as we want to include their great artwork in our projects. Also please check out our other products on the DMs Guild!

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