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Played: Descent into Avernus (DnD 5e)

Descent Into Avernus is a scavenger hunt in the true Railroad sense. It’s less about linear storytelling and more about chasing the story through dungeon crawls.


Review of Tricube Tales

Tricube Tales is a small generic role-playing game that allows us to create a character in a few minutes and just start playing. The setting or genre is neither predetermined nor in the way.


Played: Storm King’s Thunder (DnD 5e)

Queen Neri has been murdered and it looks like the small people are responsible. At the same time, Annam, the all-father of the giants, has broken the order of the giants. Every tribe and clan of the giants tries to get into the favour of the god of the giants through deeds and achievements.


Review of Trophy Dark

Trophy Dark is a horror storytelling game where the players are treasure hunters and set off to a dangerous place (abstractly called the forest, although it can also be a swamp, castle or something else entirely). However, the focus is not on finding treasure (that would be more like Trophy Gold), but on the character’s personal downfall. The game is a play to lose game, where the impending doom, whether death or physical as well as mental change, is in the foreground.


Review of Ten Candles

In Ten Candles, the entire group tells a tragic horror story. A story of hope but also of a world before its end. Why together? Because the players and the game master share the right to tell the story at the table. Why tragic? Because no matter how much hope the characters may have, they all find their end in this story.


Review of Arium: Create

On 52 pages, the principle of Arium:Create is explained in detail. The authors emphasize that it is a collaborative process and that we are building an Arium by mutual agreement. Therefore, safety tools are recommended via the Lacunae found in Arium. At several points it is pointed out that we consult concerned persons before we make a decision or change an idea with the Creation Tokens. An Arium for all should be created.


Review of Shadow of the Demon Lord

If you’re up for a dark world like Warhammer’s, but prefer to roll d20 instead of d100 and want to be able to do something with your character, you might feel comfortable with the Demon Lord. The system is uncomplicated and the combinations of professions, talents and spells are gigantic.


Review of Tales from the Loop

Tales from the Loop is perfect for immersing yourself in a world and our past, which is a bit different. A world without magic, where our heroes are normal teenagers, is a very refreshing approach and makes it easier for both game masters and beginners to get started.

Banner von Beyond the Wall 0

Review of Beyond the Wall and other Adventures

Until today new retro clones are published and Beyond the Wall is one of those systems with a firm grip on the OSR tradition.

Beyond the Wall solves some aspects that are in today’s perspective not up-to-date and for some players more frustrating than fun in an elegant way.